Edmonton, Alberta  

Long Term Forecast

Cloudy periods
Cloudy periods High: 21°C
Low: 10°C
Hrs Of Sun: 7
Wind: SW 25 km/h
Rain: 2-4 mm
P.O.P: 20%
Isolated showers
Isolated showers High: 12°C
Low: 4°C
Hrs Of Sun: 4
Wind: NW 50 km/h
Rain: close to 1 mm
P.O.P: 40%
Variable cloudiness
Variable cloudiness High: 15°C
Low: 6°C
Hrs Of Sun: 3
Wind: SW 15 km/h
P.O.P: 30%
Isolated showers
Isolated showers High: 15°C
Low: 4°C
Hrs Of Sun: 8
Wind: W 25 km/h
Rain: less than 1 mm
P.O.P: 40%
Sunny High: 11°C
Low: 3°C
Hrs Of Sun: 10
Wind: W 30 km/h
P.O.P: 10%
Mainly sunny
Mainly sunny High: 12°C
Low: 1°C
Hrs Of Sun: 9
Wind: W 15 km/h
P.O.P: 10%

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Edmonton, AB

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